repo sync error:fatal: remote error: User Is Over Quota

Using Authentication

By default, access to the Android source code is anonymous. To protect the servers against excessive usage, each IP address is associated with a quota.

When sharing an IP address with other users (e.g. when accessing the source repositories from beyond a NAT firewall), the quotas can trigger even for regular usage patterns (e.g. if many users sync new clients from the same IP address within a short period).

In that case, it is possible to use authenticated access, which then uses a separate quota for each user, regardless of the IP address.

The first step is to create a password with the password generator and follow the instructions on the password generator page.

The second step is to force authenticated access, by using the following manifest URI: Notice how the /a/ directory prefix triggers mandatory authentication. You can convert an existing client to use mandatory authentication with the following command:

$ repo init -u